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Pokemon Pearl Pokesav: Gym Leader 'Mon Run

I decided to mess around with Pokesav out of boredom, and I got an idea:

Why not play through Pearl with gym leaders' pokemon?

After beating Roark, I decided, I'd completely restart my party: the only pokemon I'd have would be Cranidos, made in Pokesav to be just like Roark's, as if Roark had given me the pokemon after defeating him.

So, I created a male Cranidos, level 14, met at Oreburgh City, with the OT being "Hyouta" (Roark's Japanese name, using Japanese names for the leaders because the English ones don't fit :| ) and with the attacks Headbutt, Pursuit, and Leer.

I will level him up and use him in battles until I get to Gardenia, and when I beat Gardenia, I'll hack in her Rozerade and add it to my party. By the time I reach E4, I'll have a Cranidos, Rozerade, Lucario, Floatzel, Mismagius, Bastiodon, Abomasnow, and Luxray and build my party from those. After beating the E4 I'll get Drapion, Hippowdon, Infernape, Bronzong and finally Garchomp.

It should be fun!
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Roflrofl Fursonas

Hi guys GUESS WHAT not that anyone reads this

I don't really like the Furry Fandom

It's a bunch of idiots who yell at eachother over baseless copyright infringement accusations and draw THE WORST CHARACTER DESIGNS. EVER.

I mean dammit I have a fursona and I will never NOT have one, but to be honest it fits into the anime fandom more than the furry fandom. In fact I'm certain that's where it originated, somewhat.

I'm not sure where it came from but I think I really liked big cats thanks to The Lion King, I really liked people turning into monsters thanks to Animorphs, and while those aren't anime, I think it was Pokemon that made me like animals-that-aren't-animals with cool designs. That's where it came from.

But really, I love anime and for the longest time I thought people with fursonas were mostly anime fans. I mean, Sesshoumaru turns into a dog-thing, people from Persona have their.. personas (some are animalistic), and etc. I love COLORS and I love how colors work together and let me tell you guys, PEOPLE IN THE FURRY FANDOM HAVE FURSONAS THAT HAVE HORRID COLOR SCHEMES

Idk a lot of it is just ugly. And then when you don't have the ugly, crappy colored ones you have the BLINDING crappy colored ones which are based only lightly on anime but mostly on EVERY COLOR EVER and punk/emo music. I mean maybe you think it's cool but I don't.

In my opinion a fursona should just be what you see yourself as. Hell I should call it a persona from now on. Because I do not hate if people don't have animal reps, some people think of themselves as robots, some as humans with mythical or animal properties, some even as cars and I think my girlfriend is a rollercoaster-based creature.

I don't care that not everyone has a fursona. I DO care that not everyone has a vision of themselves that represents them! Even if that vision is just that they think of themselves as having blue hair or red eyes or something. Even if it is something small, I think each of us has a soul and a psyche that looks different from our human selves, even if just by a little bit, and that's what I wish everyone could find about themselves. They aren't all animals, not at all. They're just yourself. What you see yourself as. Whatever you are in your heart.

Not to mention people who have fursonas often don't consider them to be a representation of their true self. They just think of it as a character that they use instead of their real identity for the internet or roleplaying. This makes me sad.

Also people have multiple fursonas. I don't agree with that, but again - my definition is more of "self-representation" or "persona" than "fursona."

And Persona doesn't even really work because that means mask and it isn't a mask to me. Oh well. Should I just call it my Alter-Ego? IDK man.
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Today was interesting

But now I feel crappy for sleeping for only half an hour

ANYWAYS usually I wouldn't post a random boring day like that BUT I was bored enough to make this

^^ ...........
d-_-b ........
\_||_/ ........
| || | \_ ° ....
| || \ ..........
|_- _\ .........
||_ ||_ ........
\__]\__] .....................+++OPEN UP YOUR SENSES+++

It's obviously not of any worth but I'm PIMPING IT OUT EVERYWHERE YEAH
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It's 2:00 am on a wednesday morning

I just bit off the ears of a chocolate bunny and then poured milk into the inside, drank it, and then ate the bunny.

Sometimes I stop and I wonder wtf I'm doing

I'm not sure if I'm having a good day yet or not
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Hi kids.

I've decided to join LJ because currently DA is boring/filled with losers and all the other sites I go on are really boring and inactive :|

So um, by stalking LJ *cough* I have decided the people here are a lot nicer.


Happy fun time!

Giant green penis monster.

Have a nice day :>