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Monster in your Sock Drawer

Shadowcat's nerdy journal

1 August
External Services:
  • shadowcatgc@livejournal.com
Ummm hi I'm Shadowcatgc, I have like 8759376 accounts for things on the internet but I think the LJ community is the nicest (lol I'm a stalker). I hope to one day be a graphic artist/graphic designer or a mangaka (both manga artist/writer).

I don't like very many girly things, maybe some of the movies I watch are kinda cutesy but my favorite things include shounen-type stuff like giant swords, monsters, and magical powahs. This being said my favorite manga are Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!, Death Note (shocker, amirite?), D.Gray-Man, Soul Eater, and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. I also have to be honest and say I like Junjou Romantica. Shut up, okay, I know it's girly yaoi crap, LEAVE ME ALONE *SOB*

I also lovelovelove video games, mostly RPGs and out of that mostly JRPGs, with my top 3 games being The World Ends With You (aka TWEWY or WEWY), Persona 3 (and all of the Persona series), and Earthbound ((aka Mother 2) and all of the Mother series).

I like humorous things and also violence and anything that can be considered BA. My favorite character from anything ever is a 4-way tie between Joshua of TWEWY and Minato, Ryoji, and Shinjiro of P3. Close second is Yosuke of P4.

I also talk too much as you can clearly see.

I'll be posting some art or something.